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What do we do?

Every year around 10 million people from around the globe travel to India. We strive to make travel experience of all these people great by providing some of the best chosen, handpicked holiday packages of India to all the people from across the globe.

Here's why India is the perfect getaway for you

  • The food: No one can offer you the range of cuisines, we Indians can.
  • The Palaces: Ever wanted to live like a king and have your own palace. Here you can!
  • Taj mahal: Hands down. No words!
  • The Himalayas: Indian himalayan range offers many attention-grabbing vistas and some fine hiking.
  • The Wildlife: India is home to tigers and elephants to rhinos and rufous bellied hawk eagles.

The list would go on and on and we could just continue to brag about our nation. But before that, let’s introduce ourselves first